Russian Style Pyramids
Nubian Pyramids

Affordable and easy to assemble Russian style pyramid kits. Now you can spend time in your own Russian style pyramid every day.

Welcome to our Russian style pyramid kits, also referred to as Nubian pyramids. Hand built in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada, our uniquely constructed, easy to assemble pyramid kits are an intriguing healing structure that can be used in your home and back yard to generate healthy benefits for you, your family, pets and the environment.

Why Russian Style Pyramids?

There are several styles of pyramids; they are all possess healing capabilities. Russian style or Nubian pyramids are precisely Phi ratio, making them more energetically powerful, generating more healing benefits for people, plants, pets and the environment. Additionally, a decade of research by Russian scientists and institutions has proven there are numerous remarkable benefits of Russian style pyramids on health, food, water, crops, land, air, and the environment. For more information about the scientific research click here. Some of the reported findings are:

Improved health and wellness

Increased intuition and clarity of mind

Relief from pain and inflammation

Improved vision and hearing

Better sleep

Deep relaxation in body and mind

Clearing of negative energies

Positively affects the environment

Russian Pyramid

Optimum Health for You and the Planet

The environment in which the Russian style pyramid sits can be positively affected too. There are purifying effects on poisons, electrosmog, and solar radiation. Seeds and plants grow well near pyramids, yielding larger crops. Animals, domesticated and undomesticated, are drawn to spend time inside the pyramids, creating healing and peace for them too.

Russian Style Pyramid Kits

Russian style pyramid kits are available in copper and stainless steel. Your pyramid kit will include:

  • An instruction sheet for assembly and alignment of your pyramid
  • One apex piece
  • Four corner pieces
  • Four connector pieces

You will need to purchase the tubing for the slant pieces and base pieces locally. A formula is provided to determine how much you will need to purchase.

  • Stainless Steel
    • Made from beautiful 1-inch square stainless steel tubing
    • Stronger and more rigid than copper
    • Won’t tarnish or stain
    • Not affected by weather, will last almost indefinitely.
    • Can use ¾ inch copper pipe, instead of 1″ square stainless steel for base and upright pieces. Creates a unique piece of functional art.

    Kit Includes

    • Stainless steel peak or apex
    • Four stainless steel corner pieces
    • Four connectors for 1″ Stainless Steel square tubing.
    • *You purchase the pipe locally to complete the base and uprights
    1-inch square stainless steel kit – $395.00CDN

  • All Copper
    • Russian Style Pyramid KitsMade from ¾ inch or 1-inch copper pipe and fittings
    • More durable and longer lasting than plastics. Wont sag like PVC.
    • Pipe is easily available from building and hardware stores
    • Copper is aesthetically pleasing

    Kit Includes

    • Copper peak or apex
    • Four stainless steel corner pieces for strength
    • Four copper couplers or union pieces
    • *You purchase the pipe locally to complete the base and uprights for the size of pyramid you desire.
    1-inch pipe size – $395.00 CDN
    ¾-inch pipe size – $345.00 CDN

Note: Shipping and taxes are extra. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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